The Port: Employment in New Madrid County

Including the unemployed in New Madrid County, Missouri, a new employer will be able to attract employees from an additional pool of about 9,400 underemployed workers.

Those workers possess the skills, experience, and education to qualify them for the pay rates at which they would take a new job, ranging from less than $7.00 to over $25.00 per hour.

About 25% of those workers would take a new job for $8.54 per hour or less. At the upper end, the 25% most qualified and experienced will command more than $14.70 per hour.

The New Madrid County, Missouri survey area (Mississippi, New Madrid, Scott, Stoddard and portions of Pemiscot counties in Missouri and portions of Ballard and Carlisle counties in Kentucky) has an estimated total civilian labor force of approximately 56,900 people. In addition, the labor shed contains approximately 2,800 unemployed people who are seeking work.

In addition to the 2,800 unemployed, approximately 9,400 people can be defined as underemployed: those individuals who would take a better job if offered by a new or existing employer and who possess the skills, education, and experience to qualify them for a better job. About 5,000 workers in the New Madrid County, Missouri would do so for $10.99 per hour or less, while one-half would take that job for $10.73 per hour or less. 

Almost one-quarter of the 9,400 underemployed individuals have some college experience and another 20% have earned a college degree. As these data relate solely to those underemployed, they will vary from data representative of the population as a whole.


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