Various infrastructure is needed for each of these properties and some of the land will require fill to bring the property up to the one hundred (100) year flood stage. The Port is utilizing various grants to prepare these properties for lease.

  • Approximately 12 acres available for lease
  • General cargo dock availability
  • Asphalt access road from Interstate 55 to harbor site
  • 1500’ long by 436’width and 9’river channel depth
  • 3’ above the 100-year flood stage
  • Served by Union Pacific Railroad
  • Accessible utilities
  • Enhanced Enterprise Zone – State and county tax abatements

Approximately 83.13 acres the Port is actively working to improve to the 100-year flood stage. A Capital Improvement Program Grant is being utilized to prepare this property for lease.

10 acres located at the St. Jude Industrial Park Entrance Road on Route EE.  This property would be ideal for a truck stop or commercial building.

7.76 acres located on Highway 61 South of New Madrid. The railroad that services the St. Jude Industrial borders this property.

111.37 acres (of which 15.5 wooded acres border the Mississippi River) located river side of the St. Francis Levee.